Energy healing and stress therapy

Qualified and experienced Reiki Master and Practitioner

Feeling stressed or lacking in energy?

Today’s modern life leaves many of us feeling at best tense and tired, or at worst, unwell and negative.

Here at the Green Wood Reiki Practice in Northolt, I help to restore your body’s natural energy and healing by releasing all that stress and tension.
My name is Sheila Thiyagarajah and I am a qualified and experienced Reiki Master and Practitioner, member of the UK Reiki Federation and member of The International Centre for Reiki Training.
Green Wood Reiki Practice in Northolt provides a soothing and tranquil environment for you to receive this Japanese art of natural energy healing.
My Reiki is suitable for anyone needing help with stress management and tension as well as working as a holistic therapy to help aid healing from physical, emotional or mental illness. It is a complementary therapy that has no known adverse effects.

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